Metamorphosis – but I’m lazy

Once upon a time you were born, grew up, married, had kids, launched kids, saw your grand kids (if you were lucky), and died; your body worn out by years of hard work and poor choices or options. At 60 you were old and by 75 dead unless you had scored in the genetic and job lottery. (Mostly my family lost that one.) Now, there are many more options and even if you follow the program for the first part there is still a reasonable expectation of 30 more years! A whole additional life! I joke with my 20 somethings that we are both in the Chrysalis Emerging 9same life stage … “New Beginnings” and that was mind boggling at 50 and still is now. Thus my fascination with Metamorphosis. The idea of radical change; not continuing to be as you have been but deciding (this is where we have it all over the insects) to be different. Something more or at least different.

We decided when the youngest left for college to abandon the  suburban life we had enjoyed for 30 years and move to the city: for us that is San Francisco. Since it’s worth really doing it if you’re want a move to catalyze change we moved to SoMA; absolutely nothing like suburban anywhere. It makes us uncomfortable and we love it except when we want to hide from all the life that’s now happening at our front door. But that was the point. We need life to happen where we not only see it but can’t ignore it. Homelessness is no longer what happens elsewhere and their problems are now my problems. Bad schools are my problem because my neighbors kids go there. LBGT rights is an issue I can’t hide from because it has the face of my neighbor.

My point is that unless I am uncomfortable it is hard (not impossible but I’m lazy) to change so knowing I wanted to move to a new place personally caused our move to a new and very different place physically.

How will this play out. I don’t know. I am still exploring how my skills and abilities mesh with what is around me that needs my time and energy but I have some ideas.


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