Dressing the part

A caterpillar will change into a butterfly; it’s inevitable. But I am firmly rooted in my present ‘reality’  so my metamorphosis is going to take work. When I was a home-schooling mom I dressed for it. I never wore PJ’s and rarely wore jeans during “school”. When our school day was over I changed into mom clothes. It helped us set boundaries.

Can what I see in the mirror affect the life I live today? Is fashion a catalyst for change, reminding me to be the person in my head. If so styling myself becomes a daily adventure of dressing for the person I want to be…adventurous, different, open to the possibilities around me and trying new things. Since I’m a dress once girl this implies that what I put on in the morning is the foundation for the day. My goal is to be ready for adventure with a scarf or jacket and a good pair of boots!

An actress can make you believe her reality with no props or costumes but for  this third act I think I had better dress for the part at least for now.


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