It all went Side ways

plaid-placketSo this last couple weeks I’ve been working on what should have been a slightly challenging but not impossible shirt. A daughter saw a lovely aqua, green, red and black even plaid flannel to make a perfectly unexceptional shirt out of which I decided to make as I have been fighting with another shirt project and was tired of muslins after 5 of them.

Fitting went well, layout was OK. Can’t recut although I should have put the dark stripe down the center back but OK. Carefully marked all the right sides (you really can’t tell on this fabric except one side is fuzzier). Can’t recall all the ways this project went side ways but every sitting ended when I had made 3 serious rip it out and try again/cut again type errors. Fortunately I had an extra yard.

This week I was down to sleeves, cuffs and plackets. Got the plackets on the sleeves very carefully Monday (only had to recut twice for plaid mis-match). When I sewed the sleeve wrong sides together I decided to stop. Fixed sleeve Wednesday. Decided to go with planned flat felled seam. And it went fairly well although Thursday I was surprised to learn that I had felled on the inside but no matter. Did up the side seams and serged them.

Next step cuffs at which time I discovered the plackets are wrong. But no they can’t be I was so careful…nope, I put the sleeves in backwards!

To be continued another day.


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