More on (not) being perfect

Last night while I wasn’t sleeping I got to thinking about the importance of failing, not even big catastrophic failures but the little ones. If you look back and don’t see failures there hasn’t been enough trying in your life. You are living way to safely.. I am living way to safely. In fear of failure or even of not succeeding perfectly there are to many things I don’t try. As a crafty person there should be a lot of what in the sewing world are called wadders and there are not! There are shelves of project materials that have never become the things they were meant to be. Some in the last move went to new and hopefully more daring homes as I realized that however adventurous I became this project wasn’t happening … gone soap and candle making. But there are still so many projects waiting.

I failed to post this when I wrote it last year… (could it be a lack of daring, possibly not perfect).

There have been many projects since then; 24 in the last year! And that is only sewing. Next up It all went side ways…



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