Project Planning

Here is everything in my stash that I am interested in making into regular clothes (not costume or lounge or formal wear) for me. I’m seeing a trend in colors; red obviously, red-violet into deep purple, a couple of intense blues. Only a bit of grey and some olive for neutrals although I never met a color I wouldn’t use as base. stash-web


Here the fabrics are paired with patterns. My wardrobe plan… everyone is talking about planning their wardrobe and I’ve been thinking on it a couple years now. I’ve got the colors seen above. (It’s what I buy and wear) so that’s the palette.


I also understand the concept of silhouette.

I’ve been lazing about in jeans and T’s. That’s not a personal silhouette; that’s being covered up which is a good thing but I want more than that. So pants sure but I want to up my game to trousers (front zip), slacks (side and back zip) and leggings or tights. Jeans need to be intentional not default.

And those T’s…there is nothing wrong with T’s but again it’s my default and I don’t get any farther in my daily style. Topping the bottoms I want tunics, blouses, jackets, sweaters all with class and interesting details. Knit tops will still be a layer just not the whole deal.

The plan is with one addition- jacket, scarf, jewelry: I will be ready for anything.

These are the Fabrics and patterns I think I’ll use. I have patterns for everything except that beautiful cobalt blue wool boucle so I bought Vogue 8854 which I will make without the hood. I had nothing in my stash that used a heavy sweater knit that wasn’t a jacket.

2017 projectsAnd now to prioritize, strategize (there are some yardage shortfalls) and SEW! Above is an orderly plan although it has no priorities attached, just what made a neat grid.

Next up project plans.


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